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Think back.

What were you doing in January of 2012? How many good days have you had since then? How many beautiful memories have you made since then? In January of 2012, Kyle Hunt was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma – not something any 27 year-old would ever want to hear. And since then, Kyle’s days have been stressful, painful, and terrifying, to say the least.

But Kyle is a fighter, and shortly after being diagnosed, he started treatment. In the months to follow, Kyle endured two rounds of chemotherapy and a surgery to remove the melanoma on his scalp and in his lymph nodes. Kyle kept fighting and things were looking good.

A mere 3 months later, doctors discovered that Kyle’s melanoma had metastasized to his brain. Again, not one to give up, Kyle went in for brain surgery. On July 27th, Kyle underwent surgery to remove three tumors from his brain.

And Kyle kept fighting. Next up was radiation. Kyle had screws entered into his skull. He laughed it off, comparing himself to Frankenstein’s monster. His positive outlook was impressive, to say the least. Doctors sent Kyle home, feeling confident that with one more round of chemotherapy, things might finally be looking up for Kyle.

Then, in October, Kyle’s previously manageable headaches became debilitating. In a matter of weeks, doctors discovered three new tumors in Kyle’s brain. On November 5th, Kyle was admitted to City of Hope Hospital for his second brain surgery in less than six months.

Currently Kyle is preparing for a new, stronger round of chemotherapy and full-brain radiation. Our friend Kyle hasn’t given up. He’s just hit some speed bumps. And as his friends, we want to make these speed bumps as manageable as possible.

That's where you come in.

As you may have guessed, Kyle isn’t able to work through these experiences. He does have COBRA insurance, but that still leaves a sizeable bill on Kyle’s shoulders. Kyle’s medical bills have been piling and are growing more daunting with every day. Thankfully they’re not impossible. The current goal amount is $15,000. That will take care of Kyle’s current outstanding medical bills, as well as the foreseeable 2013 bills. Here's a breakdown of Kyle's estimated expenses until the end of 2013:

Overdue 2012 Expenses $ 3,400
Monthly Cobra Expense $ 400
Number of months until Dec 2013 x 13
Total Cobra Expense 5,200
Max Out of Pocket 3,500
Deductible 350
Total Cost of Coverage ending 2013 $ 12,450

There is $ 2,550 of wiggle room between our goal and his actual expenses to account for any unforeseeable expenses and to cover potential increases in his COBRA coverage during the next year.

Of course Kyle does not expect anyone to cover his expenses. It is his friends who are asking for your help. Together, each of us contributing even small amounts, we can lighten this already incredible load for our friend.

Thank you for taking the time to read about Kyle’s trials. Our help means the world to Kyle, and he means the world to us.

-- The Team at KyleRyanHunt.com